Why reliance | Fast-Track Scheduling

The most aggressive schedules in the industry

We have earned a special reputation for our willingness to take on assignments with deadlines considered virtually infeasible, and then to do whatever it takes to succeed, assuming full responsibility for supplying the resources required. Getting there on time takes the right planning tools and the right planning skills. We have those.

More importantly, it also takes the right relationships with sub contractors and suppliers – and their one hundred percent cooperation. We have that too.

We thrive on demanding deadlines

Retailers and landlords off to a late start in the planning of a new store come to us so that they are open by Christmas. Manufacturers and retailers facing complicated renovation or expansion projects come to us to minimize disruption and downtime. Building owners trying to accommodate incoming tenants with demanding occupancy requirements come to us for help in meeting their commitments. In over thirty-five years of high-pressure construction management, we have never once struck out.