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Reliance is experienced in the construction of the specialized facilities required for advanced-technology research, pharmaceutical research, specialty manufacturing facilities and computer/data facilities. We build clean rooms, control rooms, data processing centers and research laboratories - for banks, digital equipment manufacturers, couriers and telecommunication companies. This sort of work, characterized by especially exacting requirements, gives us the opportunity to demonstrate, occasionally dramatically, the effectiveness of the tight, precision management we regard as our particular trade. In one specific clean room construction case, protocols employed during construction to avoid contamination were so effective that in certification tests carried out immediately after completion – the worst-case condition – the facility scored equivalent to Class 1, surpassing by far the Class 10 standard that had been the original target.

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MDA 2011  |  41,000 sf
Contract delivery :
Construction Management
This 44,000 square foot building includes a mezzanine of 13,500 square feet for a satellite manufacturer. Special attributes include a 2,520 sq.ft. clean room that gives access to a larger 45’ clear, 12,250 sq.ft. clean room, classified as a class 100,000 clean room. It is equipped with a pit to receive a 28’-0’’ x 24’-0’’ vibrating table and has two overhead cranes of 10 and 15 tons respectively. It meets all the technical, mechanical and electrical requirements of the International Aerospace Industry.
Agilent Technologies 2001  |  60,000 sf
Contract delivery :
This 4-storey, 60,000 square foot, multi-tenant office building’s interior architectural design consists of finished office space and boardrooms integrated with specialized laboratory areas and isolation chambers for medical testing of gas components.
Mitec 1999  |  95,000 sf
Contract delivery :
Design Build, Fixed Price
Mitec Telecom’s head office, production facility and distribution center totaling 95,000 square feet, includes a full working cafeteria, 20,000 square feet of offices, and a fully air-conditioned 60,000 square foot production area complete with its anti-static floor covering, burn-in and refrigeration test chambers and 100 foot candle lighting levels.
Mitel 1996  |  47,000 sf
Contract delivery :
Mitel Corporation's 47,000 square foot clean room designed for the fabrication of semiconductor devices is an excellent example of Reliance's high-tech proficiency. Located in Bromont, Quebec, the facility was built on a fast-track basis in just six months. The extraordinary protocols employed during construction to avoid contamination were so effective that in certification tests carried out immediately after completion, the facility scored the equivalent to class 1, surpassing by far the class 10 standard that had been the original target.
Canada Post Control Center 1993  |  20,000 sf
Contract delivery :
Part of the head office complex for Canada Post in Ottawa, the Control Center accounted for almost $20,000,000 of the project’s overall construction cost, a figure indicative of the complexity of the work involved. It houses the world’s most sophisticated mail monitoring system, together with advanced-technology communications and computing facilities that tie the system to regional centers across the country and provide its national intelligence. Built to clean room standards, the center features multi-level computer flooring, several thousand meters of communication and power cabling, and provision for special systems to control air exchanges within the environment.
Montreal Trust Computer Center 1990  |  80,000 sf
Contract delivery :
Primary computer processing center for Bank of Montreal Trust, located on Nun's Island in Montreal. Special requirements included multiple levels of redundancy for electrical systems including an emergency generator with underground oil tanks, extensive security systems, explosion proof rooms, impact resistant facades including false windows, and stringent humidity and ventilation requirements.
Matrox I & II 1983, 1988  |  250,000 sf
Contract delivery :
Head offices, manufacturing and research facility constructed in two separate buildings. Manufacturing facility included stringent requirements required for the production of video graphics cards. The two building campus includes a swimming pool, fitness center, two full service cafeterias, soccer field and extensive security systems.